Guide to the Best Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

I saw a video today. It was crazy. It was hilarious. And it seemed like it would be practical. Sort of. I mean, it could also be kind of sweaty and potentially gross. There is a travel underwear with zipper pockets in the front. Is this really a thing?!

Yes, yes it is.

It also led me to an item that is even cooler than pickpocket proof undies. The travel scarf. A travel scarf is usually an infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket. A genius idea.

A Great Idea For Travelers

It was serendipitous that a video of underwear led me to finding the Speakeasy Travel Company (and only because the name of the product in the video is similar to the Speakeasy Travel Company). They make an awesome theft proof travel scarf. We know I love safety products, like pickpocket proof purses, as well as keeping valuables safe with a travel safe. So, I looked into the Speakeasy Travel Scarf and other travel scarf brands currently available.


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Travel Scarf Comparison Chart 2018

Speakeasy Travel ScarfInfinity scarf with hidden zipper pocket- The original travel scarf and regarded as the best
- Made in the USA
Pop Fashion Travel ScarfInfinity scarf with hidden zipper pocket- Fabric is light, good for summer months, but you maybe able to see a passport in the pocket
- Better for carrying a credit card and/or cash in the pocket
Waypoint Goods Travel ScarfInfinity scarf with hidden zipper pocket- Heavier fabric, better for fall and winter
- Buyers mention the zipper is difficult to locate, which is great for deterring thieves.
- Company recommends wearing in 75 degrees F and under
Kinvara Infinity Scarf Infinity scarf with hidden zipper pocket- Made of cotton
- Buyers have stated the fabric is a little heavy for hot weather.
USAStyle Zipper Pocket Infinity ScarfInfinity scarf with hidden zipper pocket- Buyers state the fabric is lightweight
- Good for spring and summer travel
- Stretchy fabric

Best Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket Reviews

The Speakeasy Travel Scarf

It’s the original! The Speakeasy scarf has a hidden pocket sewn right into the design that can hold your passport (see the picture there? If you click on it, it’ll take you to Amazon where you can admire the pictures of the model who looks like Peter Tork before you purchase).

The best part of of the scarf? It’s fashionable while still being practical (not that everything has to be practical, but bear with me!) In the spring and summer, the scarf helps hide your passport while showing off your style. In the autumn and winter, it does all of the above AND keeps your neck warm. Win-win-win. It is an awesome solution for what to do with your passport when you must take it with you.

Oh yeah, this is made in the USA.

Wayfair Goods Travel Scarf

This scarf comes in multiple stylish colors. It’s 100% polyester, but the company says it’s soft, stretchy, wrinkle-free, and washable (but hang it dry). They also recommended it for weather 75 degrees F and under. Again, it’s a stylish option, good quality, and wearers report it’s one of their favorite accessories.

These scarves are 22 inches wide and 32 inches long. The pocket runs 8 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The zipper is well hidden! It’s so well hidden, buyers indicate they have trouble finding the zipper even when it’s full of stuff. That’s a security feature that works well.

Do You Need a Travel Scarf?

A travel scarf might be one of the best ideas for keeping travelers’ valuables safe and out of sight. It’s an especially cool idea because you can accessorize your outfit, while keeping your scarf’s hidden zipper pocket secret. If you absolutely need to take things along to a busy, touristy area, this is a great way to keep your stuff safe.

Man, I just love the secret pocket!


Do you like travel scarves? Have you ever used underwear with a zippered pocket for your valuables? Do you remember Peter Tork?

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