These Are the Best Portable Travel Safe Options in 2019

Staying safe while traveling (or in everyday life) is another subject I take seriously. When we travel, we often travel with our passports. Leaving them locked in a safe while we are enjoying the sights (or the pool) gives me peace of mind. In most of our travels, a safe has been provided by the hotel. However, when there isn’t one in the room, I always wish I’d brought a portable travel safe.

So I know I want one, but what is the best travel safe to buy? Let’s get to the portable travel safe reviews and start comparing!

Why Travel with a Portable Travel Safe?

The short answer: so you don’t lose your important stuff.

Nowadays, not only do we travel with important identifications that are inconvenient to replace at best, we also travel with expensive cell phones, cameras, laptops, and other gadgets. If you’ve invested a lot of money into these devices, losing them could be devastating (and yet another reason to have travel insurance for every trip).

Being in  foreign country and trying to get your identification replaced at the local embassy is time consuming and can be difficult. Replacing a stolen computer or camera is also expensive. Losing the memories stored on those electronics could even be worse. Keep your memories, stuff, passports, and peace of mind! Traveling with a portable travel safe makes sense.


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Are you looking for other safety items for travel? Here’s my comparison guide for anti-theft purses.

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Best Portable Travel Safe Comparison Chart 2019

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Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L GII Portable Safe, CharcoalPortable Safe- Safe has wire mesh to deter bag slashing
- Can hold a 10" tablet
- Water resistant
- Some buyers complained about the quality of the lock included with the bag (some swapped out with a better lock)
Master Lock Personal SafePortable Safe- Small, but can fit most small valuables
- Resettable 4-dial combo lock and fixed cable
- Again, some people had problems using the lock
SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box SafePortable Safe & Lockbox
- Comes with a combination lock and a key
- Comes in multiple colors
- Impact and water resistant
- Some purchasers complained it wasn't sturdy enough to keep thieves out
Pacsafe Dry 15L Anti-Theft Portable Safe (on Amazon, it's called Pacsafe Dry 15L Travelsafe Backpack)Portable Safe & Dry Bag- Dry bag, IPX6 rated water-resistant bag
- Includes stainless steel mesh and an RFID blocking pocket
PAC SAFE Travelsafe X25 Anti-theft Portable SafePortable Safe- Big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop and other valuables
- Comes with a stainless steel cable & TSA approved lock
- Folds flat to fit into luggage
- Has two backpack straps for carrying

What is the Best Travel Safe?

Top Choice: Pacsafe Travelsafe X25 Anti-Theft Portable Safe

This safe is big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop and other valuables. It has stainless steel mesh embedded into the poly canvas material, deterring would-be thieves. Also, it comes with a stainless steel cable that you can secure to a fixture in your hotel room, or pool, or other public place with a TSA accepted 3 dial combo lock. It will fold flat to fit into your luggage, but it also comes with two backpack straps for you to carry on its own. Whether you leave it secured in your hotel room or carry it with you, you can explore without worry. This is my top choice and the one I would like to buy!

Second Choice: Pacsafe Dry 15L Travelsafe Backpack/Portable Safe

The Pacsafe Dry 15 Travelsafe Backpack (or Portable Safe, as it’s sometimes called) is a great option as it has both the safety features, plus it’s water resistant (IPX6 rated water-resistant bag, which means it can handle a light rain and your contents probably won’t get wet, but that rating says not suitable for electronics). It has also has 360° eXomesh® guarded with an RFIDsafe™ pocket. It has so many excellent features. Those excellent features make this safe cost a little bit more, so it’s currently my second choice for casual travel. However, for heavy travel, this safe’s water-resistant features would likely push it up to first place.


Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Safe

This safe claims to have all of the features I look for in a great travel safe: stainless steel wire mesh that is embedded into the poly canvas fabric to help prevent slashing by would-be thieves, TSA accepted 3-combo lock with a stainless steel cable, handles for easier carrying, and water resistant (this is different than waterproof). Some purchasers complained that the lock malfunctioned or was easy to break into and replaced it with a different model. Other purchasers had no problems. As with anything, read the directions thoroughly and practice with it before traveling.

This safe conveniently comes in two sizes, the Travelsafe 5L (can fit a 10″ tablet) and the Travelsafe 12L (can fit a 13″ laptop).

SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe with Key and Combination Access

This cute little number comes in multiple colors (at the time of publication and subject to availability), combination and key access. It’s made of plastic and is lightweight, so while it’s a deterrent, it may not keep out someone who has enough time to break it apart. Also, it isn’t collapsible, so you’ll have to get creative when bringing it along in your suitcase. Another pro is that it is impact and water resistant (again, this does NOT mean waterproof).

Unless you are in love with the cute factor or would be using it in a situation where a would-be thief has time to destroy it, I wouldn’t choose this one.

Final Words About Travel Safes

It makes sense to keep your valuables secured when you travel. It can be inconvenient to difficult and expensive to replace electronics and passports. Losing those items could downright ruin your vacation and also  your peace of mind. I’m a fan of travel safes for securing my important documents and electronics.

Go forth, travel, and bring your safe!

What portable travel safe is your favorite?

4 thoughts on “These Are the Best Portable Travel Safe Options in 2019

  1. David Hoyt says:

    Wow nice list.

    I don’t trust the hotel safes in Southeast Asia. I use a Pacsafe 15L to put my stuff in and tether it with a bike cable lock. Works great.

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