A fawn and white bulldog sleeps on a gray couch

The Day My Dogs Arrived in Mexico

Today’s the day! My dogs will finish up their 3 day journey from Ohio into Central Mexico today! That’s right, they went on a dog road trip!

I wrote about feeling low in Mexico. Thankfully, feelings aren’t permanent. I know this and I’m grateful. Anticipating the dogs’ arrival is certainly a highlight of our weekend!

A bulldog and a black lab explore their grassy backyard after their long journey from Ohio to central Mexico.

My dogs are eagerly exploring their new yard! They are fine after their dog road trip across two countries.

From the beginning

Approximately six weeks ago, I dropped both dogs off with their temporary foster family. They graciously agreed to take them a day earlier than I’d planned. It helped that the foster mom’s husband really loves bulldogs and apparently Rufus did not disappoint.

Their foster mom ended up falling in love with our black lab, too. Both dogs are really well behaved and I think adding two dogs was a little easier than anticipated for them.


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The Dog road trip begins

On Friday morning, my friend Chevonne picked up both dogs for their epic road trip. Her goal was to arrive in Laredo, Texas by Saturday evening. I didn’t hear a whole lot from her until Saturday afternoon.

“We are in Laredo!” She texts. They are ready to cross the border in the morning, as planned, to meet the transportation company we hired to drive the dogs from Nuevo Laredo to our home, another day’s drive away.

A large black lab lays on cream colored tile.

Allie, choosing the cool tile on a hot day.

Crossing the border into Mexico

As planned, they crossed into Mexico early in the morning. Even though we had gone to considerable expense to have the correct paperwork for our dogs, the border agents didn’t even glance at it.

However, roads were closed due to a big event in Nuevo Laredo and Chevonne couldn’t get the dogs to the meet up location.

I called the transportation company contact and explained the situation. They would wait, while Chevonne figured out a different route.

After another couple of phone calls and texts, the dogs were transferred into their chariot and continued heading toward us.


Chevonne and her travel companion turn around and head back to cross into the states.

Let me interrupt a moment. I have worried about the entire border crossing process for the past several weeks. I was worried the dogs wouldn’t be able to get into Mexico and I was worried about Chevonne and her travel companion getting back into the USA.

Chevonne is adventurous, to say the least. Who would volunteer to drive two dogs (actually 3, since she recently adopted a puppy) across the country and cross the border in Mexico?

She’s unflappable, organized, and prepared. As anticipated, with anxiety by me, their car was searched with dogs. I’m not sure exactly how long their return crossing was, but definitely a lot longer than the few minutes it took to get into Mexico.

But they are back in the USA and enjoying their vacation.

A fawn and white bulldog sleeps on a gray couch

Rufus sleeps on the couch when he’s cool enough.

My dogs have now seen more of Mexico than I have

My dogs are on their way! We finally got the text that they are only 40 minutes away. Then, we get the call that they are entering our neighborhood! We are sitting on our front porch waiting to be reunited.

And my shoulders relax in giant relief that both of my senior dogs have arrived healthy. They are currently snoozing in the cool tile floor.

Their foster mom texts me and says she’s already filled out a dog fostering application.

“I didn’t even last 24 hours,” she writes. “I hope I find a lab as sweet and needy as Allie.”

We couldn’t have found better care for our dogs during their time away from us and I’m  so incredibly grateful.

Have you ever traveled with pets? Have they ever gone on en epic road trip without you?

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