This is How We’ll Celebrate Our First Halloween in Mexico

I didn’t expect to celebrate Halloween once we were living outside of the United States. I had heard that there is trick-or-treating in the neighborhoods here in central Mexico, but it was mentioned in an offhand way, in passing, and sounded like it wasn’t a big deal. Obviously, the Day of the Dead is the big and special holiday at this time of year in Mexico. So, why am I writing a post about celebrating our first Halloween in Mexico?

Our First Halloween in Mexico isn’t (going to be) what I expected

Halloween is a wonderful holiday. It involves creativity, candy, and fun. In the US, it’s a holiday that welcomes everyone, especially children. I love dressing up in costumes (and I love all kinds from beautiful to punny).

When I was told that there is neighborhood  trick-or-treating, my imagination turned it into the Halloweens I’d had as a child. You know, dressing up, trick-or-treating, but not leaving my very small neighborhood, and no one making a huge deal out of it.

What I Imagined Is Wrong (and in the Very Best Way)

Halloween decorations started appearing in the stores in mid-September, right after the Mexican Independence celebration. Shortly thereafter, the houses in our neighborhood started sporting Halloween decorations, too. Some houses have gone all out with their decorations. One house has a giant, black cat that moves on its roof!

A cactus covered with black spiderweb decorations.

A cactus, covered in spider webs

Our neighborhood is going all out to celebrate Halloween, too. It sounds like it will be quite the party. Not only will there be multiple vendors in the big park (the one that is close to my house – amazing Mexican street food, here I come), but the neighborhood is also renting a train ride for Halloween. A train. This train might run right past our house, too!

I will be sharing pictures of this sure to be amazing experience after the party! I will also be sharing about our first Day of the Dead and I am just as excited about that.

What celebrations have you participated in while visiting or living in another country? Did they up to your expectations?

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