One Month Until Moving Day: The Confusing Times of Confusion

I read several travel blogs. Some regularly and some only a few posts. One thing I’ve noticed is how glossy it seems when people say they’ve sold all their stuff to either travel the world or move to a new country. It sounds so easy! I’m here to tell you that moving sucks, whether it’s across town or across the world. Even when you have help via your place of employment. 

It's confusing when you can't get all the facts. Pictured is a blue BOB duallie double stroller.

One of my early posts extols the virtues of the BOB Duallie strollers (hidden within a review of the Columbus Zoo). I ended up buying this one used for a really great price. Guess what? I never used it, even though it is as awesome as I had imagined. I’ve just sold it – passing on the great deal to another lucky mom friend.

Some things are easier

That being said, some things are definitely easier when you are moving with your company’s help. Financially, it’s a lot easier for sure! The actual day of packing will (probably) be easier. However, leading up to that point is actually more complicated than I’d anticipated.

First,  getting information is slow going. Second, I feel like I get half the information I need at any given time. When I ask expats questions about Mexico, I start my introductory email with, “I’m not entirely sure what to specifically ask, so what do you wish you had known before moving?” Apparently, I should also asked the relocation consultant stateside a similar question.

“What don’t I know that I definitely need to know and wouldn’t know to ask?”

Almost every day, I’m told “X has to be done before Y has happened. When will X be done?” The problem is that not only did I not know about X, it is also often some other department’s job and then we contact them and wait.

In the meantime, my husband has a start date, but not a move date. One person told us we tell them when we want to move. Is that official? I am not opposed to being in charge of that component, but given that we are moving with a company, is that really how it works? Who is actually in charge?

It’s confusing! And this isn’t even taking into account what we have to do to sell our house…

If the move date we’ve chosen holds true, we officially move in less than a month (and given that the blog posts lag behind real-time, when this is posted, we could potentially be far less than one month).

Is that officially official?

Have you ever relocated with your company of employment? Have you ever moved a huge distance or sold all to travel the world? What do you wish you’d known before embarking on such an adventure?

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