There Are Many Stray Dogs In Mexico and It Breaks My Heart

I’m usually empathetic, so there are things that hurt my soul such as various injustices, animal and child abuse, and so forth. I’m thankful to have come from a place that (mostly) values animals, so stray dogs or abandoned or abused animals can have a safe place to live (like humane societies, if forever homes aren’t quickly found).

There are things about Mexico that have made me have to have a hard heart. While many people here do have well cared for pets and many even have multiple pets, stray dogs are still abundant. And they need help.

two dogs facing away from the camera, standing half in the street and half on a curb, looking for food, in front of a yellow wall.

Strays on a street in Pozes, Mexico.

There are so many stray dogs

In Mexico, there are many stray dogs and there aren’t many resources to care for those that have been abused or neglected.  My Spanish teacher rescues dogs and one expat friend was fostering a rescued dog when I met her.

I’ve seen many dead dogs on highways near food stands. I also see dogs running in the roads a lot. And my heart fucking breaks every time. I feel helpless (and these dogs aren’t even in the worst shape, they are surviving fairly well on their own). While I could stop, but there is no guarantee that the dog wouldn’t run from me and into the path of an oncoming car. There also isn’t a guarantee that the dog would be friendly if I could get it into my car.

And then what?

A little light brown dog begs from us at a cafe.

She’s reasonably well fed (though likely has puppies somewhere), so she’s a luckier one.

My husband wouldn’t be happy about me rescuing stray dogs that potentially could have rabies or be aggressive due to their life circumstances. I also have to think of my dogs’ health. And even more importantly, the safety of my kids. Stray dogs may not make very good pets. Or they may be excellent pets, with some help from a good trainer (and I firmly believe that most would make excellent pets). Sadly, I can’t be that person. However, I can still try to help.

Life is hard here for a stray dog. There are other reasons I cannot stop, but I will not address those at this time. My heart has to be hard here or I’d cry every day over dogs.

Blurry picture of two cute female dogs, who begged from us in a cafe in Pozes.

Two female dogs who begged from us at a cafe in Pozes, Mexico. They were so sweet. Both likely were mamas.

How Can I Help?

I follow a group on facebook called Milo’s Sanctuary (that’s their website). I believe they are located in California, but they have taken in a couple of badly injured cats from Tijuana, Mexico. As of now, I haven’t found anything similar for dogs. I can barely handle seeing the images every day on pictures. And some days, it’s hard to see the images in real life.

I’ve also discovered Compassion without Borders. The link also answers the question “Why Help Animals in Mexico?”

I will continue to search for the helpers. I will donate to those who are better able to help. While it is out of my ability to help ALL of the abused, neglected, or stray dogs in Mexico and the world, I can help ONE. And knowing that it is within my power to help ONE poor soul means that I should. Locally, I have found two groups who rescue the worst cases, those who have been badly abused, injured, or are close to dying. They also spay and neuter animals, which will help tremendously with population control.

Will you join me? There are many areas without the resources to help animals who have been abused, neglected, or injured. Please help, if you can.


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2 thoughts on “There Are Many Stray Dogs In Mexico and It Breaks My Heart

  1. Anna says:

    Natalie – I feel your sadness and pain! It is so hard to see. The dogs didn’t request any of what they go through, they just want to give and share love. When my son learned of what happens in the US to dogs in shelters, he wanted to rescue them all, all across the country. 🙂 That was a bit large of an undertaking but we’re currently at over 125 dogs rescued and sent to new, kind and loving homes. Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt post!

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