This is Why We are Having More Wonderful Days In Mexico

Sometimes, a day or even a series of days turn out to be so fantastic that you look back with much fondness. Last month, I had a series of those wonderful days. I had four in a row, to be exact. Lately, I’ve had a few more. What made these days so great?


We made more friends.

Remember when I said that I joined a gym to make friends? It worked. In fact, I met a mom who lives in my neighborhood whose kids are close in age to mine. The topper? She lived in the US for a few years and her older kids are bilingual and speak English. Our kids can play “minecraft in real life” together for hours.

The weather here is beautiful, it’s also worth noting. It’s creeping up on late autumn and we’ve had a few days where the high was in the mid-80s. We spend our afternoons playing with our friends in the neighborhood park.


We are traveling a little more. In late October, we attended two parties (one for Dia de Los Muertos), went trick or treating twice, and played with our friends. We visited craters and a place that looked like Minecraft in real life. November brought more parties and more travel. December will see us taking an international trip back home!


I’m appreciating the kids. In fact, whenever we struggle, I try to make a point to calm myself and tell them, “I love you.” They respond so quickly when I’m acting like I appreciate them. It’s too easy for parents to get in a rut with their kids and start believing their kids are purposely trying to annoy them. When I stop and I look, I see that I’ve misinterpreted many things. I yelled at my son for putting his nerf toy in my lap again, but a split second later, I realized why. I’d just told him I was agitated and he remembered that I liked to make its little wheel attachment move.

Like Minecraft in real life!


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Life feels really good right about now

We all still have ups and downs. You know, normal life. Following those four great days, I had four days where I really struggled. Now, we are back on an even keel again and still having some wonderful days.

When I found out there was a three day weekend in November (November 20 is a major holiday here), I booked a trip to Xilitla (he-leet-la). After paying for the hotel (which I had to pay in advance by wiring money), I realized it’s a 5 and half hour drive. I thought it would be about 3 hours! However, that’s a good distance for a 3 day trip. It isn’t so far that we are completely wasting two days on driving and yet, it’s not so close that an overnight trip would be sufficient.

We are also planning to fit in a beach trip before our US visit. I’m excited about both.

a picture of a birthday cake with white frosting.

I celebrated my birthday in November, too!

More and more wonderful days

These wonderful days have turned into wonderful weeks. I’ve been grateful for the upswing in satisfying days. I’ve been grateful to have children who are happy and tired at the end of the day and fall to sleep with beautiful dreams. Okay, it sounds corny, but it’s true! Life here is being very good to us. It was worth the stress and really crappy early days to get to experience the things we are doing now.

We are meeting locals and friends from all over the world. We are learning another language, eating wonderful food, and have opportunities to do a lot of travel inside our current country (which is vast and different from place to place). Our interactions are gaining depth, as we figure out how to understand friends and also be understood.

the silhouette of a girl swinging high on her swing.

It’s Everything I’d Hoped to Find

Moving to a new place can be lonely. As a family, I think we all felt some version of isolation. We were no longer part of “home” and we hadn’t been able to connect to our new home yet. It didn’t feel good to have to totally rely on just a few expat friends to entertain us.

Now, we have a schedule that fits us just right and more people to enjoy. We are outside a lot and it’s almost always sunny here with gorgeous blue skies. I marvel daily at the weather.

I’m happy. I feel we have made the right move, even with the things that gave me pause early on and missing our families. I’ve long had a vision of my life that involved doing exciting things, such as more travel. Currently, I feel like I’m fulfilling that ideal. We are having some wonderful days!

Have you ever made any huge changes that were initially difficult but worked out eventually? 

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