Best Foot Warmers: 2019 Guide

My feet get really cold in the winter. Sometimes, they just need the suggestion of winter to get cold. I often use a microwavable foot warmer to help my feet get warm so that I can fall asleep at night. Yes, I use it even in Mexico!

Whether you are ready to take on the slopes (let it snow!) or want to be extra comfortable during those long winter nights, there are multiple options for your needs. If you’re looking for heated feet warmers, neoprene, or foot warmer socks, check the buying guide below!

If you also want more information on hand warmers, check out my hand warmers guide!


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Best Foot Warmers Comparison Chart 2019

Mobile users, please swipe right and left to see all of the information. Sometimes, socks just aren’t enough!

21C 1.5mm Neoprene Toe Warmers (Wear Inside Shoes) - 2 Pairs by 21CNeoprene toe covers- Made from the same material as scuba diving suits
- Great for runners
Hot Sockee - Neoprene Toe Warmers - Worn Inside Shoes or Boots - 3 SizesNeoprene toe covers- Can be used inside scuba fins or shoes
- Made from the same material as scuba diving suits
Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated SocksHeated socks- Rechargeable
- Three heat settings
- Made of thick cotton (no other material information is provided by the company)
Upgraded Heated Socks,7.4V 2200MAH by Snow DeerHeated socks- Rechargeable
- Three heat settings
- Made from 80% cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% elastane
HotHands Insole Foot Warmers Disposable insole foot warmers- Cannot be reused, so they have to go into the garbage after one use
HotHands Toe Warmers (5 Pair)Disposable toe warmers- Cannot be reused, so they have to go into the garbage after one use

What’s the best way to keep feet warm?

If your feet sometimes feel like blocks of ice, try using a heated foot warmer of some sort. There are foot warmer socks, disposable feet warmer, and microwavable options. Additionally, there non electric foot warmers like neoprene toe covers. The best foot warmers depend on your needs and the activities you’ll be pursuing while using them.

Neoprene Foot Warmers

21C 1.5mm Neoprene Toe Warmers (Wear Inside Shoes) 2 Pairs by 21C

These reusable toe warmers are made out of neoprene, the same stuff that’s used for scuba diving suits. Actually, they work the same way: they keep body heat in. This style of toe warmer is designed to be worn inside your shoes. You can wear them under or over socks. They work best inside athletic shoes, ski boots, and slippers. They are easy to wash (make sure you use cold water, hang dry, and follow the instructions provided) and this package comes with two pairs. These toe warmers also come in 2 sizes to help you get a good fit.


Hot Sockee – Neoprene Toe Warmers – Worn Inside Shoes or Boots – 3 Sizes

Another reusable neoprene option, except this company offers 3 sizes. While some users complained their feet ended up sweating and getting even colder, overall most users were happy with these toe warmers. These make shoes more wind resistant and runners, in particular, loved them. The Hot Sockee brand of toe warmers can also be used with disposable warmers for even more heat. Additionally, they can be used inside swimming fins to minimize chafing. Go from skiing to scuba with neoprene toe warmers!


Foot Warmer Socks

Being from a Midwestern US state, I don’t know how this is true: I’ve never had a pair of heated socks. People use them for all sorts of outdoor activities and they are also useful for those with poor circulation.

Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

These heated socks are rechargeable and come with three heat settings. There is a pocket at the top of each sock that holds the cords and battery. This is also where the control buttons are located. The company says these socks are great for climbing, hiking, skiing, running, and other winter activities. Socks like this will also benefit those with poor circulation or those who always have cold feet. These socks are also a great gift for travelers who are going to enjoy some winter destinations.

Please read the instructions thoroughly before washing. Also, remove the battery pack before washing.


Upgraded Heated Socks,7.4V 2200MAH by Snow Deer

These socks also have a pocket at the top for the heating element controls. The sock is 80% cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% elastane. It has a padded reinforced heal and toe, just like a regular sock. The controller has 3 heat settings and the company says the should warm for 2 and half to 6 hours (it depends on the setting used).

As always, thoroughly read the instructions  before washing. Also, remove the battery pack before washing.


Disposable Foot warmers

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

These nifty little air activated heat packs are great in a pinch. They stick to your shoe and are supposed to last for a full day. Many reviewers agreed. However, some reviewers say that they actually only last an hour. The only other complaint is that they are small for the average adult foot size.

The company states the ingredients won’t harm the environment. Please dispose of these properly.


HotHands Toe Warmers (5 Pair)

These disposable air activated heat packs for your toes work really well to keep your tootsies warm. Though, some reviewers state they get too hot. Others say they don’t get warm. I suggest testing a pair as soon as possible and return them if they aren’t heating.


Microwave Foot Warmers

Heating Pad – Organic Flaxseed (Unscented)

This is a versatile product. It isn’t something you can use while being outside. However, it does travel easily in your luggage. I heat mine in the microwave before going to bed during the winter months and use it to keep my feet warm. Even in Mexico! We live in the mountains and it gets chilly at night. Without any heat, the house stays quite cool. I’m glad I brought my foot warmer with me.


Keep those Toes Warm!

If you’re heading into cold weather travel, there are products available that can help keep your feet comfortable. Whether you are looking for electric foot warmers, microwave, foot warmers, or single-use, there is a great product out there for you!

What’s your favorite type of foot warmer? Do you prefer disposable or reusable and rechargeable?

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