Stay Warm with the Best Hand Warmers: Guide for 2019

My hands are so cold right now and it’s only getting worse as I age. Have you ever heard of a portable, rechargeable hand warmer? I didn’t and it’s life changing. My mom, sister, and I all suffer from cold hands and feet during the cold weather. I’m so excited to give these to my family as gifts!

Another really cool feature is that many of them can also charge a cell phone. This is great news for travelers. One I looked into even has an LED flashlight. Talk about one handy item. See what I did there?

Are you also tired of having freezing cold fingers?  Let’s find a portable hand heater!

The items in this article are electric hand warmers that are charged by using a USB plug. If you’re wondering about the non-electric kind, you can find answers here.


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Best Hand Warmers 2019

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Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmer 5200mAh Power BankRechargeable hand warmer and power bank- 3 temperature settings
- This is also 5200mAh USB power bank
- One full charge should allow for 5-6 hours of heating time
- Double-sided heating
- Automatic shut off at 1 hour of use
Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmers 5200mAh Electric Power BankRechargeable hand warmer and power bank- Double sided heating
- 3 temperature settings
- Automatic shut off at 1 hour
- This is also 5200mAh USB power bank
QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmers - 5200mAh USB Power Bank by Survival FrogRechargeable hand warmer and power bank- Double sided heating
- Can be used as a power bank
- 3 temperature settings, only one button
OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 5200mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand WarmerRechargeable hand warmer and power bank- Smooth feeling, like silicone
- Double sided heating
- Can be used as a power bank
- 3 temperature settings, only one button
Rechargeable Hand Warmer by HandFanRechargeable hand warmer and power bank- Ergonomic
- LED flashlight built in
- 3 temperature settings
- Can be used as a power bank

Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Say goodbye to cold hands! Whether you are looking for the best hand warmers for skiing, hand warmers for work, or camping hand warmers, one below should be just right for you.

First Choice: OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 5200mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand Warmer

The Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer heats up in 3 seconds. The company says a 2-3 hour charge is enough for 4-8 hours of warming time. There are 3 temperature ranges and it starts a little cooler than the others:

  • 95 °F – 107 °F
  • 104 °F – 118 °F
  • 118 °F – 131 °F

If you are look for a product that is smooth and comfortable, this is a great one. It’s treated with a silicone oil, so it isn’t like picking up a stone before the warming feature is on. This is a popular product and my top choice for gifts for my mom and sister, who also suffer from cold hands.


Second Choice: Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmers 5200mAh Electric Power Bank

Not only is this hand warmer cute, it also provides double sided warmth. It is small enough to fit inside a glove that is around one size larger than the user normally wears.  I think it’s one of the best reusable hand warmers and it’s my second choice for gifts and for me.

The company says that it takes 3 seconds to get warm and there are three temperature settings:

  • 104 °F – 113 °F
  • 113 °F – 122 °F
  • 122 °F – 131 °F

This Letouch Hand Warmer comes with a carrying pouch, a USB cable, a lanyard, and instructions.

It’s a great little product to take with you on your cold weather travels because it keeps your hands warm, plus it can be used to charge your cell phone in a pinch. Just don’t do both at the same time! It is a very close second and I think it’s an excellent option.


Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmer 5200mAh Power Bank

The LeTouch Rechargeable Hand Warmer is also a power bank. You can use it to recharge your phone, if needed. However, it does advise not to use it as a hand warmer and a phone charger at the same time (don’t do it). It’s small, lightweight, and would be able to fit inside a glove, provided that the glove is a little bit bigger than you normally need.

The company claims each unit heats in 3 seconds and each full charge should last 5-6 hours. There are also three heating settings:

  • 104 °F – 113 °F
  • 113 °F – 122 °F
  • 122 °F – 131 °F

It’s portable, lightweight, and rechargeable. It will also shut off after one hour of use to save battery power. Like above, this Letouch Hand Warmer comes with a carrying pouch, a USB cable, a lanyard, and instructions.


QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmers – 5200mAh USB Power Bank by Survival Frog

Survival Frog’s Quickheat Rechargeable Hand Warmer comes with the hand warmer and 1 USB cable. Like the Letouch brand, it has 3 temperature settings and warm from 104 ℉ to  140 ℉ of heat and it’s double sided. The company says a full charge can run from 4-10 hours, depending on the heat setting. Like the others, it can also be used as a portable power bank. The company says a full charge takes 3-4 hours. This is another solid option.


Rechargeable Hand Warmer by HandFan

The Handfan Rechargeable Hand Warmer differs from the others on a couple of components. First, it has an ergonomic design, making it easier to grip. It also has a flashlight, which can come in handy when you least expect it. Like the others, it also has 3 temperature settings:

  • 98.6 °F – 107 °F
  • 109.4 °F – 118.4 °F
  • 120.2 °F – 129.2 °F

Along with the hand warmer, the package includes a USB cable, manual, gift box, and a blister box (hey, that’s what it says, even though I don’t know what that means!) The battery takes about 3.5 hours to charge. This is also able to charge a cell phone.


For cold weather and also a secret pocket, try a travel scarf!

best reusable hand warmers UK

The one below is excellent and most of the ones above are also available!

Four Heart Rechargeable/Reusable Hand Warmers+Power Bank

This little lovely is easily available in the UK and users love it. It is made with airplane grade aluminum (yes, really!) The Four Heart Hand Warmer warms up in 5 seconds and will work 6 to12 hours on a 2 to 3 hour charge. It also has three heat settings:

  • 42°C
  • 48°C
  • 55°C

A solid choice to keep your cold hands toasty warm!


Best Disposable Hand Warmers

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

These are the disposable version of the items above. Follow the instructions on the package and they should be able to keep your hands arm for up to 10 hours. Of course, they are disposable, so once they are done, they go into the trash. It’s really not the best idea to travel with these, though they will do in a pinch!

Please note, this is for a package of 5 pairs.


Grabber Hand Warmers

This brand is TSA approved, so you should be able to fly with these in your carry on luggage (regulations are subject to change). The company states that Grabbers should be disposed of in the regular trash and the ingredients will not harm the environment. They are single use. The warmers get hot within 15-30 minutes and last 7+ hours. The maximum temperature is 156 °F and the average temperature is 135 °F.

Best Microwave Hand Warmers

These aren’t the best option during travel, but will still provide you with warmth if you are staying at a destination with the microwave as an option. They are reusable hand warmers, too!

Nature’s Approach Aromatherapy Basic Herb Pack

I absolutely love these kinds of pillows and I own at least 3. They are useful and versatile, as they can be used for cold hands and feet or for neck and back pain. I have a pillow that traveled with me to Mexico and I use it in the wintertime here. Last December, I bought another. I recommend these if you’re heading to a cold destination and will have a microwave available. It can also be kept in the freezer and used as a cold pack for those who need it.

If you don’t like strong scents, skip this particular pack.


Heating Pad – Organic Flaxseed (Unscented)

If the microwavable heating pad above appeals to you, except you want something unscented, this is the one for you! It has the same functionality as the one above, except without any strong scents.


Microwave Hand Warmers by Cozy Toze

This is a cute little hand warmer pouch that I’m now going to dream of during cold, dark winter nights. To use, you take the inside part out and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. You put it back into the case and you’re ready to have warm hands. Do not microwave the case, as it has a metal zipper.


Tips for using Your USB Hand Warmer

Do not use the heating element while charging a cell phone.

Some buyers have trouble with theirs. Thoroughly test your reusable hand warmer upon receiving it, to make sure it functions correctly.

How can you recharge hand warmers?

You can only recharge rechargeable electric hand warmers. They come with a USB cable that you can plug into a computer or an USB plug. Refer to the instructions on your particular product.

Are battery powered or rechargeable hand warmers permitted in carry on luggage?

Yes, they are TSA approved and allowed on airplanes. Please check regulations for any changes  or for airlines outside of the USA.


Though I wish I’d known these existed sooner, I’m so glad to know about them now. I’m really glad to find a reusable product that is multi-use for travel. It’s great for warm hands and to charge up your cell in an emergency. Awesome! Go forth, travel, and have warm hands!

What’s your favorite style of hand warmer? Do you prefer disposable or reusable?

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