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The Storm Before the Calm

It’s a storm of activity around here and it won’t be calm until we are in Mexico. I think that’s normal. What isn’t normal is how poorly this move is going. Due to a malicious set of circumstances, everything major that needs to be done for our move is happening during the last two weeks of living in the USA.


Am I in the eye of the storm yet?

All of the major house fixes are getting scheduled on top of each other, we have a one day trip for visa purposes, and then our movers are coming. Except while they are here,  there is also a shower install and new carpet coming. For the same room.

Oh, there is a new counter top coming in for the bathroom on the Friday before we leave. Today or tomorrow, a repair person will be fixing some items, too. But I don’t know when or what time.  The painters and a different shower install also collided (thankfully, they are merely overlapping and not getting in the way of each other).

A picture of a silver hanging light fixture with the lights on in the post the storm before the calm.

A new light fixture and a new paint color! Our current house is finally coming together. It looks good!

Due to time constraints, things are getting dropped off our to-do list. Other things are being added. We have been bombarded with unpleasant fiascos.  Things aren’t going smoothly. In fact, it’s actually been a pretty horrible experience due to the disorganization. I’ve cried.

I’m flawed and at least aware of some of the flaws. In this case, the challenges we are working through were not caused by me. There are things that are probably a little worse due to me, but we keep getting blindsided with bullshit. I wrote this post about how confusing it has been and that hasn’t changed.

There. I said it. A lot of B.s.

A few days ago, I was so distraught that I said I didn’t even care if we actually moved to Mexico or not. Emotions were high and our clutter was deep. Tears happened.  I do care. I do want to move to Mexico. It was a moment where all of the shitty things have happened caught up to me.

Sometimes, moving with a company is crappy. This part, where I am right now, is the crappy part. It’s also busy.

Keep your eye on the prize

My best friend reminded me to keep my eye on the prize. I sought this change. I encouraged it. I’m the one who wanted this. Another friend stopped by to say good bye yesterday and told me this will be but a blip in future years.

Future Me will thank Past Me for going through this crap. I am keeping my eye on the prize: I get to live in Mexico. I am so fortunate.

A kitchen table and chairs. Outside, a plant with pink flowers makes it look like heaven.

This is my kitchen table in my house in Mexico. It’s the prize, folks.


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Moving advice from my friend’s wise, amazing, and beautiful mom:

“Always know that you will cry and it’s normal. Pack the clothes you want to wear the next day and keep your toothbrush in your purse.”

I’d hoped to be spending our last week in Ohio with friends and doing the last of the house cleaning. I didn’t expect to be waiting for a visa and for the movers to come pack our stuff. That being said, people are making an effort to stop by. It warms my fragile, little heart.

I also have a cold. The storm continues. I’ll sleep when we get to Mexico.

Have you ever said good bye to friends and family? Does moving ever go well?

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