Best Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Wife Who Loves to Travel 2019

It’s time to honor our moms, travelers or not. I’m a mom and I appreciate gifts that are thoughtful and practical. Sure, I’d love a box of chocolates or flowers for a random daily surprise. However, putting some thought into it and finding an unique Mother’s Day gift shows that I’m appreciated for the sacrifices I make for the family.

Here are the best Mother’s Day ideas for your wife who loves to travel, from my viewpoint as a traveling mom!

When is Mother’s Day 2019 (USA)?

Sunday, May 12.

A woman, holding her hat, overlooking a beach. Taken at the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico. Best Mother's day gifts!


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Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Travelers 2019

Ankor PowerCore 20100

I finally purchased a portable phone charger and it is as awesome as I’d hoped it would be. My phones eat batteries for breakfast. Then there isn’t a charge left for lunch, dinner, and drinks! When I’m traveling, I really want to have the option to charge my phone on the go so I don’t miss out on the perfect travel picture. I love taking pictures and not just for instagram. Preserving memories like visiting Chichen Itza, a place we won’t be able to visit again for awhile, is so important. This is a great gift for a traveling mom!


ANti Theft Purse

I’m a huge fan of this anti theft purse! It comes in several colors and the safety features are on point. For a mom traveler, a pickpocket proof purse is the perfect gift! Kids are a built in distraction when traveling. They are the most important thing, obviously. Their safety is everyone’s first priority. That’s exactly why mom (and dad) need theft proof bags.


How Not To Travel the World

Do you have a booklover mom? This travel memoir by Lauren Juliff is an inspiring read. Even though it is about a solo woman traveler, a lot of traveling moms will enjoy it. Since I’m a bit anxious myself (and more so since having babies), I could relate to Lauren on that level. She inspired me so much, I’ve moved abroad with my family, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d do. I recommend this book to the travelers in your family!

Packable Sunhat

Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Scrunchie Sun Hat is lightweight, packable, and cute. What does packable or scrunchie mean? It means it can get packed into luggage and not be ruined! I realized just how much I wanted this feature when I had to wear my straw hat through the airport on my last trip. It was another thing I had to keep track of, along with my carry on, and my kiddos and their carry ons. Additionally, this hat offers 50 spf sun protection.


Swim Suit Cover Up

This Lands’ End Women’s Cotton Embellished Tunic Dress Cover-up comes in size XS-XL. It covers up a swim suit and can be worn on its own.

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Or try out this super breezy option also on Amazon!

Sun-Kissed Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

I’ve long coveted getting shampoo and conditioner bars for traveling. It’s a hassle to worry about liquid shampoos and conditioners. First, the size has to be right to meet TSA specifications. Second, I always worry that my bottles will leak. Even when I put them in a ziploc bag. Shampoo bars are a great answer to both problems! Sun-Kissed Shampoo & Conditioner Bars are awesome because they are safe for color treated hair, safe for children (won’t sting their eyes), and the bars are made in the USA. The scent is made from orange, tangerine, and other essential oils.

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Carbonated Bubble Mask

You may have heard of Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, as it’s one of those products with a crazy huge and devoted following. I use it and I love it. It only takes 5 minutes and then rinse it off. It’s so fast! My skin feels smoother and looks healthier after use (your results may vary). It’s the product Mom didn’t even know she needed! Plus, when it bubbles, it makes you look like a troll from Frozen, which might actually be the best part.

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Need more Gift Ideas?

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Go forth, travel, and give the mom of your kids a great gift!

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