Guide to the Best Travel Bra with Pockets 2019

When a woman travels, a comfortable bra is a necessity. There are things to take into consideration when picking the perfect bra for travel, too. Are you looking for the best travel bra with hidden pockets? Or do you want one designed solely for comfort?  I’ve researched to find some good anti theft bra options. There aren’t just bras with secret pockets, there are also bra stashes!

Anti theft bras, bras with pockets and what on earth is a bra stash?! Girl, you have options!

What is a bra stash?

A pocket bra for travel is self explanatory, but what is a bra stash? It’s a pocket that is designed to be attached to an existing bra. It’s great to have more places to hide money when travelling, right? Take your secret bra stash to the next level with the products below. Don’t just try to shove your credit cards and passport into some unsecured spot.


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Are you looking for bras with pockets for breastforms?

That isn’t the focus of this post, but if you’re interested in checking out a pocket bra for breastforms, there are many you can choose! Thank you for stopping by.

Best travel bra 2019

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Beach Travel Bra with Secret PocketsAnti-theft sports bra- Great bra for festivals and travel
- 3 pockets that can fit credit cards, cash, or a chapstick
Racer-back Bamboo Handee BraAnti-theft sports bra- Made from bamboo anti microbacterial fabric
- Company claims the the pockets are big enough for a passport, though some users had trouble with it
Travel Bra Soft Organic CottonAnti-theft sports bra- 5 hidden pockets
- One is stretchy enough for a passport and one is credit card size
- Made from organic cotton
Cabales Women's 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports BraWireless sports bra- Seamless and wireless
- Does not have hidden pockets
- Comfortable for long travel days
Travel Bra Quick Dry Soft Wire-Free with Anti-Theft and Anti-Loss PocketsAnti theft wireless bra- 5 secret pockets, including a hanging passport pocket
- Wireless, flat seams, and no itchy tags or labels
-Adjustable straps and chest band


Why use a travel bra with pockets?

I’m a fan of security products for traveling. It makes sense to keep your valuables safe while traveling. After all, it’s a huge pain to deal with if you lose your passport while abroad. I’ve written about excellent anti theft products like  anti theft purses, as well as portable travel safes, and anti theft backpacks. I love using products that make it even just a little more difficult for a pickpocket to ruin my vacation. Keeping important things in hidden places, such a bra, makes it less likely that you’ll be spending your vacation trying to replace passports.

Travel bra reviews

Top Choice: Travel Bra Soft Organic Cotton

This sports bra has five hidden pockets. One of those five is credit card size. One will also stretch enough to hide your passport. This bra doesn’t have underwire, which is ideal for airport travel (though don’t use your hidden pockets when you’re going through security).


Second Choice: Racer-back Bamboo Handee Bra

This bra is also made with bamboo anti microbacterial fabric. It’s promoted as a travel bra and great for women who are post surgery or breastfeeding! The fabric will wick away moisture and it will also dry quickly. This particular bra may not provide all wearers with the support they need. The pockets are designed so that things won’t fall out. The company claims they are stretchy enough for a passport, but some users couldn’t fit a passport into the pockets.


Third Choice: Travel Bra Quick Dry Soft Wire-Free with Anti-Theft and Anti-Loss Pockets

This is more like a regular bra and less like a sports bra, for fans of something that fits more like that. It has a hanging pocket for a passport, as well as 4 additional pockets of varying sizes. Carry credit cards, cash, and a passport safely while traveling! It has adjustable shoulder straps and chest band. Also, it’s wireless and doesn’t have scratchy labels or seams.

This is a great bra for female solo travelers, as well as mom travelers. Traveling tip: If you don’t want the hanging passport to show, wear a tank under a looser fitting top.


Beach Travel Bra with Secret Pockets

This sports bra with pocket style is great for travel, festivals, or even for teens who just want a safe place to put their hotel room key. The pockets on this bra can hold a credit card, chapstick, and cash, too. However, the pockets aren’t big enough for a passport. This bamboo bra has three pockets to secure small items. It’s also made of a fast drying fabric, making it easier to wash and dry while on the road.

Cabales Women’s 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports Bra

The only non-anti-theft option on here, these wireless and seamless sports bras are perfect for comfort during travel. They have really light support and aren’t as restrictive as high impact sports bras. Wireless bras are especially useful during travel, as they won’t accidentally set off the scanners. This one doesn’t have anti theft pockets, but it will get you through the airport without an issues.


Bra Stash Reviews

I want to travel, but I don’t want to wear a different bra than I currently own. My bra is already perfect or the sizes available don’t work for me. What are my other options? A bra stash (travel) or a hidden money pouch. Don’t just put money in bra, no! Instead, use a secret pouch for travel.

Braza – Secret Stash Pocket

Do you really, really love your current bras and don’t want to change? I hear that! Instead of buying a bra with pocket, you can add a pocket to your bra (or the hip of your panties). It isn’t big enough for a passport, but it will comfortably fit credit cards and cash. It won’t be easy to access in public, but it’s great for keeping your extra stuff safe.


Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch

This bra pouch has a little bit different design that might suit you. It’s also not big enough for a passport, but it will hold credit cards, hotel keys, and cash. Some buyers have also used this to hold their insulin pump. It hooks to a bra and hangs down.

Travel tip: to better hide the hanging items, wear a fitted tank top under a loose shirt.


Hidden Wallet Discrete Travel Pocket Pouch for Women Secret Body Stash

Small and simple. Gets the job done. Will not fit a passport. While most users loved this product, one noted the material was itchy. If you have sensitive skin, the pouch may not work for you.



If you’re looking for a money belt alternative, try a bra with secret pocket or bra pouch for travel. It isn’t just for hidden money, these items are useful for hidden credit cards and passports, too. Whether you are wearing the best bra stash or the best bra for travel: get on motoring around the world – solo or with family in tow!


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