This is the Sadness of Saying Goodbye: The Beginning of the End

I’m struggling today. I dropped my senior cat off at his foster home yesterday and said (a temporary) goodbye. He is stressed, of course. I’m sad. And I carry the burden of guilt. I wasn’t feeling the guilt before I left him there, but it turned on full force today.


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Saying goodbye to Draco. Pictured is a brown haired woman and a black and white cat.

My cat Draco (full name Draconian Nightmare, as I wasn’t yet a Harry Potter fan when I got him).

Saying goodbye is not easy

Maybe it’s the reality of it. Maybe it’s just sinking in that we are moving very far away. No one is guilting me about my sweet cat. My mom will be caring for both my kitties, because she is a saint, really. However, I am burdening her.  He’s a pretty old cat and she is basically going to be caring for him for the rest of his life. He has special needs and won’t likely still be living when we return to the USA.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the emotions I’m feeling. I really thought I’d be okay, especially knowing that the cats are getting high quality care. They are in the best home a cat could ask for.

I’m still uncertain about whether one or both dogs will be able to join us in Mexico (one is a bulldog and they are pretty much not allowed to fly due to their smooshed noses). Getting information on these things has taken an infuriatingly long time. Update: Both dogs were able to join us in Mexico via 3 day road trip! Additionally, my senior cat, Draco, has fully recovered from his ailments and fully accepted my mom as his person.

A funny picture of a black lab, with a grating muzzle.

Our lab. She might be able to go with us.

A picture of a brown and white bulldog.

Our bulldog cannot fly, as bulldogs have smoothed noses and breathing issues.

This is the worst part so far

Even with my cats having a great foster home, I’m not really okay at the moment. I’m not waltzing off into the sunset with excitement. I’m sad.

In fact, I’m very sad. And we haven’t even started saying goodbye to friends and family yet. How do people do this?

Have you moved far away from your family? Have you moved to another country or traveled indefinitely?

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